Claim settlement hassle free for any vehicle

Claim settlement hassle free for any vehicle

In the case of an accident resulting in car damage, motor insurance provides much-needed relief. Insurance claims assist in covering the cost of the vehicle’s repair as well as other financial commitments. While you have the option of filing a refund claim, the cashless claims approach is far more convenient. All you have to do is take your automobile to one of the garages in our network that is nearest to you and get it fixed. 

How to Make a Motor Insurance Claim?

Claim the losses incurred to your insurance carrier as soon as you are involved in a vehicle accident or a theft occurrence. If your insurance company determines your claim to be valid after a thorough assessment, it will cover all of the damages to your vehicle. If you have proper vehicle insurance, your insurance provider will also provide financial assistance in such conditions. 

Below are some steps which you must follow to claim for damage caused to you and your vehicle:- 

Step 1 – Contact your local company straight away and let them know about the damage to your vehicle.

Step 2 – If your vehicle is stolen or is damaged in an accident, report it to the authorities and submit a police report. If necessary, have the required evidence present on the scene.

Step 3- Kindly ask that your vehicle insurance provider appoint a surveyor to verify and evaluate the extent of the damage to your vehicle, or to locate it if you lose it.

Step 4- If you wish to file a cashless claim, bring your automobile to a garage authorized by your insurance provider; otherwise, take it to whatever garage you like for repairs. In the latter instance, the insurance provider will compensate you for the cost of repairs according to the policy’s terms.

Claim Settlement Process For Different Types of Motor Insurance Plans:-

  • If a third person suffers damage, injury, injury, or death as a result of a car accident caused by your vehicle, notify your car insurance carrier immediately. If another vehicle, on the other hand, causes damage to your vehicle, notify the other car owner’s information as well as the limits of his or her insurance policy coverage. In such circumstances, the law determines the amount of compensation to be paid.
  • If your vehicle is damaged and you have complete car insurance, you must notify your insurance carrier within one week of the incident. It will appoint a surveyor to do a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle. The surveyor will then advise the insurance company about the severity of the losses, which will determine whether your claim is accepted or rejected. Meanwhile, you may either take your vehicle to a shop for repairs or ask your insurance provider to do it. Your repairs costs will be reimbursed if your claim request is approved.

Documents Required To Make a Motor Insurance Claim –

To ensure a seamless validation and, as a result, a smoother reimbursement procedure, provide certified copies of them to your insurance company. To file a claim for damages, losses, or injuries to you or your vehicle, you must have the following documentation. 

  1. a copy of your car’s RC (Registration Certificate)
  2. a copy of your insurance policy for your vehicle
  3. FIR or police report
  4. a photocopy of your driver’s license
  5. Original invoices and receipts of payments

When it comes to the worst-case scenarios, a total loss of your car due to theft or damage comes to mind. However, in addition to your vehicle, the automobile owner or any third parties such as passengers, pedestrians, or co-drivers may suffer losses or damages. If you are a current policyholder, you can file a claim with your vehicle insurance carrier for whatever losses were incurred.

To conclude, you must obtain motor insurance coverage that will protect you from all of these damages. After you sign the contract with your vehicle insurance provider, you are legally bound by the policy’s terms and conditions. Your insurance provider is obligated to cover and safeguard you in the case of unexpected circumstances. According to NDTV figures from 2016, roughly 1214 traffic collisions occur every day, with 377 people dying as a result. Ensuring you and your vehicle will offer you not only financial but also mental security in the case of an emergency. 

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